Think Tanger / Makan Project (Performance in City Manifesto)


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Think Tanger / Makan Project (Performance in City Manifesto)

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MAKAN PROJECT / Abdellah M. Hassak : Conception, Audio recording and editing, Writing. / Mohamed Elkhadiri : Writing, narration.


Contact : Abdellah M. Hassak : a.hassak (at)gmail(dot)com


* L’artiste réalise une performance s’appuyant sur les nouvelles technologies pour rendre compte des transformations du paysage sonore de la ville de Tanger. Un travail d’écriture à été mené s’inspirant des différents lieux qu’il a visité et capté, d’une mémoire collective se nourrissant des souvenirs des différentes rencontre de l’artiste, de l’héritage de la Beat Generation, et d’autres univers.

L’artiste souhaite faire se rencontrer la mémoire de la ville avec son présent et ses métamorphoses.




* Think Tanger : A city in mutation

Think Tanger is a project lead by Arty Farty Tanger, in partnership with Technoparc and Racines. The project aims at developing the cultural and artistic awareness in Tanger-Morocco, a city that is witnessing a big urban change, economically and artistically.


« Think Tanger » aims at bringing together artists, cultural operators, thinkers and entrepreneurs in order to create collaborations and help the cultural and artistic sectors to evolve. The project included conference cycles, capacity building and training sessions, and international artistic residencies. The conferences and roundtables addressed issues regarding the topics of Cultural Policies, Tanger as a changing city, etc. Two training workshops about managing and executing cultural projects, took place in April and in July. Moreover, five artists participated in the Think Tanger  artistic residency programme, which included public interventions, visits to location in the outskirts of Tangier, and open studio presentations with talks and discussions.


* List artists : Abdellah M. Hassak, Sara Ouhaddou, Mohcine Nakari, Aicha el Beloui, Nassim Azarzar, Sido Lansari, Youssef Ouechen and Hicham Gardaf.


Source : www.smedcv.net/think-tanger-a-city-in-mutation/




* CITY MANIFESTO Exposition du projet THINK TANGER

City Manifesto will take place in Espace Dabatek, from the 7th until the 21st of October 2016 www.youtu.be/q9yhKUYBxVI

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